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Monday, August 10th
Open Admin 8.50 Release - Demo Site Updated

I've updated the demo site with the new 8.50 release. This includes full data for the Principal Walkthrough system used to quickly evaluate teachers in certain areas of teaching. It also includes a school level IEP (Individual Education Program) system for students on specialized programs. The installer is updated and tested with the latest Debian 8.1 and Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 LTS software. We should have a full release shortly.

Thursday, July 23rd
Ubtuntu Install issues

Michael Peters has noticed a couple of problems using Ubtuntu rather than Debian (and using the Debian install scripts). I'll update the install scripts to handle both, when I get a minute over the next couple of weeks. I've just finished a full week (8-5, M-F) of Alberta Education compliance testing last week, and so had to go camping to take a break!

Hi Les

I downloaded OA8.0 to test. Here are a few observations when installed on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit Server

Apache2 will not load cgi (perl scripts) but try to download them so enable the cgi module.
sudo a2enmod cgi
sudo service apache2 restart
The htpasswd files to go into '/etc/apache2/auth_users' were not created.
sudo apt-get install apache2-utils

Saturday, June 6th
Updated Spanish Translation - Richard Holt

Richard Holt from Venezuela has kindly supplied an update Spanish translation for us. I'll use this to update the Spanish demonstration site, when a get a minute. It's not yet available for download.

Alberta Education - Pasi Testing

I'll be doing PASI testing for Alberta Education compliance in middle July. I'm working through compliance manual now to make sure I've got all coding correct, and to fix any holes in requirements.

Wednesday, May 27th
Alberta Education - Pasi Progress

I'm working hard on the Pasi version of Open Admin to use in Alberta schools. I'm just finishing off the scripting to do mass enrollment/withdrawal at start and end of school year. I want to get compliance testing done with Alberta Ed in the next couple of months at the latest. There is also more reporting for the CMA (Math) system for tracking student progress based on curriculum objectives/outcomes. I'm also going to be updating the documentation, along with docs for using the PASI version scripts.

Monday, March 23rd
Demo Site update

I've updated the demonstration sites with students (18 students per grade K-12) and staff (23?). Use one of the staff userids and passwords to log into the teacher demo site. On admin site, go to Start/End of Year tab, and look at Staff Management section, Edit/Delete to get the user and password. Logo updated to distribution version. I'll try to write some scripting to add courses and course enrollments, if I get a chance.

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